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Our mission here at Bartlett Productions is to provide entertaining, culturally influential, technically superior films and other media services to businesses, ministries, and the emerging independent Christian film industry. We are striving to bring together truth, education, and modern technology into one final work of art. Check out our work below, and then contact us to get started on your project!


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In an effort to help others in the media industry, here is a list of resources we have found helpful. If there are any resources you appreciate, please contact us and we'll get them on the list (subject to moderator approval).

(Disclaimer: These resources are recommended because we have found them helpful. Bartlett Productions does not necessarily endorse all of the content, so please use godly discretion.)

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Bartlett Farm 2013

Raw Milk Helps Ronnie

Trestle Valley Riflemen

Go behind the scenes with Project Appleseed, a popular nationwide rifle marksmanship program that seeks to revive the heritage of America's founders (appleseedusa.org). Trestle Valley Riflemen documents the complete story of an Appleseed event, beginning with instructor preparation, and ending with the excitement of being on the firing line.

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Vote "No" To Measure 3

This thirty second commercial was produced for Bartlett Farm as part of the Vote "No" To Measure 3 campaign.

H.O.R.S.E. To Grow In Grace: A Western

This film was produced for the birthday of our head grip David Bartlett. He loves to work with his horses, so we made this short film to encourage him to grow in God's grace and have a vision for using horses for His glory!

Courier: Bartlett Farm Delivery

This commercial was produced for Bartlett Farm to advertise their delivery route. The road to the farm can get quite muddy in the spring, so we used that as the base concept.

Don't Wait! - Bartlett Farm Pork Commercial

"Don't Wait!" was the first commercial we produced for Bartlett Farm. We had only 72 hours to complete it, including pre-production, production, and post production. It was a fun experience for the entire team.

EXCELSIOR: Ever Higher

Excelsior was our maiden voyage into the area of dramatic film, and really our first serious project. Excelsior was a co-production with Daystar Productions and CK Stunts, filmed in the spring of 2011 and released the following September. It was a tremendous learning experience for the entire crew, and helped us to gain another level of experience and quality.

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Crash Land: A Mission to Al Kazor

Deep behind enemy lines, three soldiers have been captured by the Al Kazor militia. Their lives are in imminent danger. Will their comrades arrive in time to save them? And even then, will they be able to overcome the formidable Al Kazor fortifications? Follow this exciting mini-adventure as true heroes make a brave attempt to rescue their comrades – no matter what the cost.

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'This is Why We Pray' Motion Graphics


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Andrew Bartlett > Co-founder | CEO

I’m Andrew Bartlett, co-founder and CEO of Bartlett Productions. As a graphic/web designer, visual effects artist, and photographer, I enjoy being a craftsman for Christ, showing forth the beauty of God’s creation through the visual arts. I am also Media Director for Bartlett Farm.

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Peter Bartlett > Co-founder | Creative Advisor

I am Peter Bartlett, creative advisor for the Bartlett Productions team. As a vocational dairy farmer, I enjoy frequent periods of quiet meditation throughout my daily work with the cattle. This allows me to offer up in prayer the Production’s creative needs and gratefully receive fresh ideas from the Lord. My background includes business management with Bartlett Farm, bluegrass guitar, horse training and sketching.

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Jonathan Bartlett > Advisor

My name is Jonathan Bartlett. As adviser to Bartlett Productions, I enjoy having the opportunity to think deeply about the important issues that come up with each project. I’m currently studying for a Bachelor’s of Applied Theology with the New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy (www.newgeneva.us).

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