A little bit about:

Who We Are


Bartlett Productions is a small media company with its roots in north-central North Dakota. We really started out just like every other filmmaker, growing up making fun home videos with our families and siblings. Over the years our love for filmmaking turned from a hobby into a career, and together we started the Midwest Christian Filmmakers Academy in 2014. Through that we’ve grown a lot, and have since worked on countless projects and produced award-winning films.


We love being creative, connecting with our clients, traveling, and storytelling! Our team offers a variety of services, including promotional films, live-event videos, photography, web and print design, visual effects, and more. Shoot us a note and let us know how we can help you!

Our Fun Little:


[q_team type=”info_below_image” show_separator=”yes” separator_color=”#026e7b” icons_color=”#026e7b” team_social_icon_1=”fa-facebook” team_social_icon_2=”fa-instagram” team_social_icon_3=”fa-linkedin” team_social_icon_4=”” team_social_icon_5=”” team_image=”15581″ team_name=”Andrew Bartlett” team_position=”Creative Director” team_social_icon_1_link=”http://facebook.com/abfilmmaker” team_social_icon_2_link=”http://instagram.com/abfilmmaker” team_social_icon_3_link=”http://linkedin.com/abfilmmaker” team_description=”Andrew Bartlett heads up the creative team at Bartlett Productions. He’s passionate about telling a story through a lens, and has worked on a range of projects including short films, promotional work, web design, visual effects, photography and more. He loves trying new things, and sharing what he’s learned with others. Lighting and composition are some of Andrew’s favorite aspects to experiment with, and you can often find him in the editing room working on a project or coming up with new ideas.” background_color=”#ffffff”]
[q_team type=”info_below_image” show_separator=”yes” separator_color=”#026e7b” icons_color=”#026e7b” team_social_icon_1=”fa-facebook” team_social_icon_2=”fa-instagram” team_social_icon_3=”” team_social_icon_4=”” team_social_icon_5=”” team_image=”15584″ team_name=”Hannah Kenney” team_position=”Creative Producer” team_social_icon_1_link=”http://facebook.com/hannah.kenney.831″ team_social_icon_2_link=”http://instagram.com/cinnamon_banana/” team_description=”Hannah Kenney enjoys exercising both the right and left side of her brain when working on a film, lending a hand on scheduling, communications, running the camera, editing, brainstorming, or whatever else is needed. Hannah loves traveling, capturing candid moments, and telling stories with eternal impact. She feels incredibly blessed to be living her dream job working with people and cameras.” background_color=”#ffffff”]
How We Roll:

Our Process

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Get To Know You

To start off, we want to know your goals. What is the passion behind your business, and the dream you have for the project? Whether you’re looking for a brochure design or a cinematic film, we’ll talk through the options and give you a quote that fits your specific needs.

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Plan Your Project

As we move into phase two, we start getting down to the nitty gritty details. For a film, we’ll work on scheduling, locations, dates, and also wrap up the pre-production process including an outline and moodboard of your project.

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Create Your Story

It’s time for action! If it’s a website, we’re already hard at work putting a face to your brand, and if it’s a film, production will be in full swing. We love working together with you to tell your story and create something that will share the heart behind your brand with others.

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Spread Your Message

And the project is complete! Now is the time to share it on social media, in person, or on your website.

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